Would You Devour a Meal at One of These Incredibly Scary Restaurants Around the World?

  • Would You Devour a Meal at One of These Incredibly Scary Restaurants Around the World?

    Dinner is served (with a side of dismay)!

    When you go to a restaurant, you expect an experience. Whether it be a light appetizer or a decadent dessert, you hope your taste buds will thank you. Aside from the menu, another essential factor to the dining out experience is the atmosphere. And boy, do the restaurants on this list have that—perhaps too much, in fact. Foodies, if you like your entrée more on the extreme side, consider adding one or more of the following, decidedly alarming, eateries to your bucket list.

    Dinner in the Sky

  • Modern Toilet Restaurant

    WHERE: Taipei City, Taiwan

    An affinity for toilets would be a nice thing to have upon stepping through the doors of this establishment, whose tableware and dishes resemble commodes. According to the restaurant’s website, the owner claims his inspiration for the cozy eatery originated from “a robot character in a Japanese cartoon who ‘loved to play with poop and swirl it on a stick.’” Fortunately, actual poop on a stick is nowhere near the menu. There is a wide variety of dishes, though, from spaghetti meals to sub sandwiches to a list of “Crappy Items,” which includes “The Poop Stuffed Pancake” and “Toilet Chicken Nuggets.”


  • Zombie Burger + Shake Lab

    WHERE: Des Moines, Iowa

    A horror-themed burger joint (focused specifically on, you guessed it, the undead), Zombie Burger touts themselves as a “GOREmet eatery evoking classic roadside burger stands of the 1970s.” The flavors on display here (and the names given to them) are inventive to say the least. For example, the “Undead Elvis,” with its peanut butter, fried bananas, bacon, American cheese, egg, and mayo, sounds like a dream of a late-night burger. The same can be said for “The Walking Ched,” which includes deep-fried macaroni, mac ‘n cheese, a cheese bun (?), and bacon.

    Zombie Burger + Shake Lab

  • The Legal Tender Saloon and Eating House

    WHERE: Lamy, New Mexico

    While The Legal Tender Saloon and Eating House may not lean into the overt horror as much as the other places on this list, the devil is in the details, and by that I mean The Legal Tender Saloon and Eating House is allegedly haunted. Patrons have reported such goings-on as screams coming from a deserted kitchen, hearing unexplained voices, and having felt like an “intangible presence ” was in the bar. “Even when you are alone in a room here, you never feel alone,” a staff member told the Daily Mail in 2012. Could it be a leaky pipe? Or is it something more sinister perhaps connected to the business that first opened up in the 1880s on the spot where the Legal Tender sits? Something like the ghost of a passerby with appendicitis who died in one of the saloon’s back rooms? Who’s to say! All I know at the moment is that both the Saloon’s Crab Cakes (which feature garlic aioli, red chile oil, and arugula) and the Pecan Smoked Ribs sound divine.

    The Legal Tender Saloon and Eating House

  • Dans Le Noir?

    WHERE: Multiple Locations

    With establishments in 11 cities such as London, Paris, and Marrakech, a visit to this true tourist attraction ensures an experience in which you may not know exactly what you are experiencing. Dining at Dans Le Noir? means eating dinner in pitch darkness—“a sensory journey,” as described by the business itself. While the menu does reportedly lean toward more traditional French cuisine, guests are not told what they are specifically eating/drinking and, furthermore, they are served by a visually-impaired wait staff. The restaurants also offer workshops in which you spend an hour tasting (and guessing?) five wines.

    Fun fact: Dans Le Noir is French for “in the dark.”


  • Dinner in the Sky

    WHERE: Multiple Locations

    A large focus on safety has allowed this concept —which seats diners at tables encased in a structure that’s hoisted around 150 feet in the air by a crane—of a restaurant to thrive (in more than 60 countries). The location in Las Vegas has become especially notable over the years since its inception in 2009 as a tourist attraction that gives guests a 360-degree view of the Entertainment Capital of the World. Additionally, the brand has become so successful that guests can experience more than a meal at some locations—we’re talking Marriage in the Sky and Concert in the Sky.

    Dinner in the Sky

  • Heart Attack Grill

    WHERE: Las Vegas, Nevada

    If Las Vegas is the City of Sin, then the Heart Attack Grill is indeed in the right place. We’re talking a hospital-themed restaurant where the founder says, “I tell everybody, don’t come here every day of the week; it will kill you.” The menu is comprised of such delicacies as the “Octuple Bypass Burger” (which you can add 40 bacon slices to), 3.4 ounce shots of liquor, and cigarettes. Yes, like no-filter cigarettes (they’re $8.31). Servers don nurse and doctor costumes and customers, or “patients,” are to wear hospital gowns while ingesting their meals. And yes, customers have actually had heart attacks there.

    Fun fact:  If you are unable to finish your meal, a server will spank you.

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